Case study: Damage Repair following a Break-in

Case study: Damage Repair following a Break-in
January 16, 2020 RedHammer
In Case Studies, Emergency Services

PROBLEM: Vandals broke into a vacant CVS Pharmacy causing extensive damage. A roll-up door in the rear of the building was forced open. Severely battered sheetrock appeared throughout the interior, and the restrooms were destroyed. Running water streamed through the store and out into the parking lot.

SOLUTION: Responding to the emergency call, RedHammer technicians immediately halted the flowing fresno-water-flwater and secured the premises. The extent of the vandalism required the main water line be closed while RedHammer replaced damaged pipes and executed priority repairs. The technicians worked fast to minimize water damage and resupply service to the fire prevention system. Next, the team extracted standing water, thoroughly dried the interior, and secured the debris for asbestos abatement and removal. To protect the store and deter future attacks, RedHammer thoroughly reinforced all exterior doors.

RESULT: Working quickly and efficiently, a disaster was averted. The broken pipes were repaired with little downtime to the fire protection system and the building was dried before significant water damage occurred. The building remains vacant but is clean and secure.


RedHammer has completed over 85,000 repairs for clients including CVS Pharmacies, Smart & Final, Hertz, Dollar General, Kohl’s, and Simon Properties.