• Jul242023


    Commercial toilets are primed for problems. Plenty of privacy and substantial water pressure allow almost anything to be flushed. The effects of gravity sends a long…

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  • Jul022023

    Simple Steps to Keep Rodents on the Move

    While it is important to seal access points to keep rats and mice from entering a building, removing any reason they may have to stay is…

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  • Jun012023

    Infographic: Rodents ( is your online source for credible health information and is the official Web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If your…

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  • May012023

    Is your business plagued with clogged toilets?

      Using a concentrated force of high-pressure water, a sewer or “hydro” jetter will keep your main line clear of obstructions and your restrooms free of…

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  • Apr062023

    RedHammer on a WhiteBoard

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  • Mar082023

    Infographic: Surprising Car Strike Stats

    Statistics gathered by the Storefront Safety Council highlight a startling challenge for businesses. RedHammer building maintenance solutions feature an experienced emergency services team you can count on when the unexpected…

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  • Feb012023

    Case Study: Too Much Rain

    Partnership Reigns in Collapse PROBLEM: Sustained downpours pounded the CVS Pharmacy in Felton, overwhelming the structure, and collapsing a portion of the store. An early-morning call…

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  • Jan142023

    8 Small Signs You may have a Big(ger) Problem.

    Performing these 8 simple inspections each quarter may prevent small problems from becoming big repairs: Is there bulge in your flooring? That bump may be signaling…

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  • May062022
    Curt Slater RedHammer

    Thank you for ConnexFM 2022!

    From all of us at RedHammer, thank you for making ConnexFM in sunny Long Beach a welcomed adventure. Seeing our industry emerge and engage in person…

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  • Apr262022

    Trade Show Swag-o-meter: Adventure towel, anyone?

    It’s tough finding something original to give away at a trade show. So maybe you can let us know if you got anything cool at ConnexFM…

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  • Apr252022

    RedHammer Booth 340: We’re giving away adventure!

    Well, more like building adventure so we’re drawing names for Gift Cards to REI and Gas Cards to fuel your next expedition. We are in Booth…

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