• Apr162024

    Thank you, Nashville!

    We’re back from Nashville but sincerely thankful for our time at the Connex 2024 National Conference. Seeing our industry on full display drives us all to…

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  • Apr052024

    Our RedHammer team lands in Nashville!

    Cass, Cassidy, Shelly, and Curt landed in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, for Connex 24. Please stop by and see them in booth 154 on Tuesday. They’re passing…

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  • Jan132024

    RedHammer Team Responding to Surge in Theft

    Retail theft is a serious issue that affects everyone. We understand our clients’ difficulties during this ongoing surge, which has sometimes become violent, causing significant disruptions…

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  • Jan052024

    RedHammer is going to Music City for ConnexFM National Conference.

    With all apologies to Dolly Parton, “We can feel a change a comin’. We’ll leave our hometown a hummin’. We’re on our way to Nashville!” RedHammer…

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  • Dec182023

    RedHammer Holiday Gathering: Fun, Food, and Family

    Being a family-owned business, the RedHammer team appreciates this joyful season together. We keep our work pace sharp through the fast and festive days. But at…

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  • Jul242023


    Commercial toilets are primed for problems. Plenty of privacy and substantial water pressure allow almost anything to be flushed. The effects of gravity sends a long…

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  • Jul022023

    Simple Steps to Keep Rodents on the Move

    While it is important to seal access points to keep rats and mice from entering a building, removing any reason they may have to stay is…

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  • Jun012023

    Infographic: Rodents ( is your online source for credible health information and is the official Web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If your…

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  • May012023

    Is your business plagued with clogged toilets?

      Using a concentrated force of high-pressure water, a sewer or “hydro” jetter will keep your main line clear of obstructions and your restrooms free of…

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  • Apr062023

    RedHammer on a WhiteBoard

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  • Mar082023

    Infographic: Surprising Car Strike Stats

    Statistics gathered by the Storefront Safety Council highlight a startling challenge for businesses. RedHammer building maintenance solutions feature an experienced emergency services team you can count on when the unexpected…

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