July 24, 2023 RedHammer

Commercial toilets are primed for problems. Plenty of privacy and substantial water pressure allow almost anything to be flushed. The effects of gravity sends a long list of accidental items down the drain. Some precious, some expensive, and some down right odd. As for intentional objects, it’s not uncommon for shoplifters to discharge packaging into your plumbing.

Prevention is limited.

What can help?

  1. Diapers, pads, and wipes, even those marketed as “flushable”, are primary culprits for commercial plumbing. Clearly written signage can guide guests to use the waste receptacles instead of the toilet.
  2. Feminine napkins and tampons are guaranteed to block a line and can be prevented by having a waste receptacle inside the stall for disposing of these items.
  3. Make sure your trash receptacles match the traffic and use of the restroom.
  4. A clean and well maintained restroom stands a better chance of remaining that way.
  5. Schedule a Hydro-Jetting service of your waste lines as part of a preventative maintenance routine. You’ll save money and avert disaster caused by accumulated matter.
  6. Be prepared: Partner with a skilled maintenance team ready to respond with urgent and emergency protocols in place.