Case Study: Emergency Car Strike Repair

Case Study: Emergency Car Strike Repair
July 3, 2016 RedHammer

PROBLEM: A car struck the rear emergency door of a CVS Pharmacy late in the evening, just as the
store was preparing to close. The impact caused structural damage to the interior and exterior walls, the automatic sliding door, and the adjacent I-beam. The crippled store was vulnerable to theft. The CVS fresno-breakin_2manager sent out an emergency call for help.

SOLUTION: Responding immediately, RedHammer technicians deployed to the site that evening, assessed the damage, and thoroughly secured the building. The techs sealed the crippled pharmacy ensuring the store was safe.

Returning the next morning, RedHammer went to work. The team replaced the I-beam, restoring the structural integrity of the CVS. The technicians rebuilt the store-front framing, fixed damaged walls and concrete, and installed a new automatic door. The repairs were completed in a week, with minimal disturbance to the pharmacy’s daily business.

RESULT: RedHammer responded to the call within hours preventing further damage or theft. The team made expert repairs and the store remained open to serve their customers.


RedHammer has completed over 85,000 repairs for clients including CVS Pharmacies, Smart & Final, Hertz, Dollar General, Kohl’s, and Simon Properties.