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  • Jul242023


    Commercial toilets are primed for problems. Plenty of privacy and substantial water pressure allow almost anything to be flushed. The…

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  • Jan142023

    8 Small Signs You may have a Big(ger) Problem.

    Performing these 8 simple inspections each quarter may prevent small problems from becoming big repairs: Is there bulge in your…

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  • May062022
    Curt Slater RedHammer

    Thank you for ConnexFM 2022!

    From all of us at RedHammer, thank you for making ConnexFM in sunny Long Beach a welcomed adventure. Seeing our…

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  • Apr132022

    We’ve got Help for Your Handicap.

    What do facility managers and scratch golfers have in common? Easy. Cunning, charisma, reason, acceleration, toughness, and a divot filled…

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  • Apr082022

    We are Building Adventure! (The good kind.)

    As facility managers, you know what adventure means. Certain days feel like an open water expedition. Let RedHammer’s technicians guide…

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  • Apr062022

    Adventure in Long Beach

    It’s time for ConnexFM National Conference in Long Beach, California, and RedHammer is Building Adventure! It’s been a couple of…

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  • Feb102020
    Building repair for roof collapse.

    Case Study: Remember when it used to rain?

    As California’s drought deepens, it’s difficult to imagine a roof collapsing due to immense volumes of rain. But it’s a…

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  • Jul032016

    Case Study: Emergency Car Strike Repair

    PROBLEM: A car struck the rear emergency door of a CVS Pharmacy late in the evening, just as the store…

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  • Feb042016

    Will the condition of your disabled person parking space cost you $$$?

    Disabled person parking signs, markers, and designated spaces are very important to business owners and those who rely on them. In…

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