Commercial and Corporate

Plumbing, carpentry,
electrical, and over

to serve your COMMERCIAL and CORPORATE buildings

Property Management Companies
and Corporate Building FMs:


Employee performance and efficiencies are elevated by an optimized workplace. We recognize the connection between our clients and their buildings and offer preventative maintenance, routine repairs, and emergency services. Comprehensive care means we maintain and repair both your exterior and interior settings.

RedHammer combines must-have services, centralized dispatch, and pay-only-for-what-you-need pricing. Need more information? Contact Traci Sheppard at 916-457-6100 or

See how RedHammer helped other clients when the chips were down. Read the case study >>>

Fixing plumbing

CAR-STRIKES, break-ins, and destructive weather.
Late night and early morning: We do some of our best work so you can stay open. Read more about our Emergency Services >>>

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Case Study: Too Much Rain

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