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We know your customers drive your business. High-traffic environments produce unique challenges to the safety and comfort of your shoppers and the integrity of your brand. Delivering a foundation of preventative maintenance, quality control, and emergency responsiveness, RedHammer has partnered with national, regional, and local retailers for the past 30 years.

RedHammer combines must-have services, centralized dispatch, and pay-only-for-what-you-need pricing. Need more information? Contact Curt Slater at 916-457-6100 or

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Cleaning out sewer line

CAR-STRIKES, break-ins, and destructive weather.
Late night and early morning: We do some of our best work so you can stay open. Read more about our Emergency Services >>>

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Car Rental Service
Car Rental Service

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We’re ready to help you reset.
We’re ready to help you reset.

As California and the Western States reset and reopen, you’ll need to keep your operations sharp and your buildings ready…

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