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We know your customers drive your business. High-traffic environments produce unique challenges to the safety and comfort of your shoppers and the integrity of your brand. Delivering a foundation of preventative maintenance, quality control, and emergency responsiveness, RedHammer has partnered with national, regional, and local retailers for the past 30 years.

RedHammer combines must-have services, centralized dispatch, and pay-only-for-what-you-need pricing. Need more information? Contact Traci Sheppard at 916-457-6100 or

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Cleaning out sewer line

CAR-STRIKES, break-ins, and destructive weather.
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Is your business plagued with clogged toilets?
Is your business plagued with clogged toilets?

  Using a concentrated force of high-pressure water, a sewer or “hydro” jetter will keep your main line clear of…

Vehicle-into-building crashes
Vehicle-into-building crashes

More frequently than you may know, cars hit buildings. The effect of a 5000-pound car traveling 30 miles per hour…

Infographic: Surprising Car Strike Stats
Infographic: Surprising Car Strike Stats

Statistics gathered by the Storefront Safety Council highlight a startling challenge for businesses. RedHammer building maintenance solutions feature an experienced emergency services team you…