Plumbing, carpentry,
electrical, and over

to serve your PHARMACY locations.

Keep your stores safe and
your shoppers happy:


We have serviced this specialized field for three decades and understand the unique industry requirements necessary to perform successfully. Precise repairs, “clean room” policies, and a conscientious process for sensitive issues and materials make RedHammer a vendor you can trust with the experience you need.

RedHammer combines must-have services, centralized dispatch, and pay-only-for-what-you-need pricing. Need more information? Contact Curt Slater at 916-457-6100 or

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CAR-STRIKES, break-ins, and destructive weather.
Late night and early morning: We do some of our best work so you can stay open. Read more about our Emergency Services >>>

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Thank you, Nashville!
Thank you, Nashville!

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Our RedHammer team lands in Nashville!
Our RedHammer team lands in Nashville!

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RedHammer Team Responding to Surge in Theft
RedHammer Team Responding to Surge in Theft

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